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Can you imagine a fireplace that is environmentally friendly? National Home Comfort Center is pleased to introduce something new and exciting to the fireplace market that is just that! The Eco Smart Fire is a fireplace that does not require the use of any venting or the use of natural gas or propane. Eco smart is designed to burn denatured alcohol, and the results are amazing.

Thermal Input 14 Mj/h – 14000 BTU – 3.5 Kw (equivalent to 2.5 electric heaters)
Thermal Effi ciency Over 90%
Heats On Average Over 35 sqm (376.73 square feet)
Fuel Consumption 0.64 Ltr/h on max (0.17 Gal/h)*
0.49 Ltr/h on Med (0.13 Gal/h)*
0.28 Ltr/h on Min (0.0074 Gal/h)*
Volume Capacity 5 Litres (1¼ Gal)
Time / Volume In general 5 litres OR 1¼ Gal of fuel would last from 7 hours
on MAX and up to 20 hours on MIN setting.
Flexibility You can turn the burner on and off as desired, and control the
intensity of the fl ame through its regulatory mechanism.
This feature allows you to control the amount of heat being
generated and the quantity of fuel used.